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Members: : Ron James: Lead Vocals/Back-ups, Guitar, Percussion; Mike Bouchard: Keyboards/Piano,Back-up vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitar; : Glenn Carl Campbell: Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Lead/Back-up Vocals, ; Dave Marsch: Drums/Percussion, Lead/Back-up Vocals, : Frank Peaker: Bass Guitar, Back-up Vocals,

Established: November 2014

Why start another Classic Rock Band?

The members of JADED LOVE are far more than just another Classic Rock band, as Emerson Lake and Palmer once said, "Come and see the Show" JL will take you through the Iconic songs not usually attempted by most acts, Foreplay-Longtime, More Than a Feeling, Fooling Yourself, Whitesnake, To Journey and AC/DC , along with many newer Classic ICONIC numbers from Finger 11, Nickelback, Creed, even a Maroon 5 rocker.