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SURGE is Baltimore's favorite 20th Century Rock Cover Band... specializing in presenting scores of instantly recognizable classic rock songs spanning several decades.

SURGE again introduces a new member... Timothy Gott on the drums. Timmy has occasionally gigged with the Cardboard Kings as well as multiple projects over the years. His addition compliments our new lead guitar player, Rob Tahan (from the national band Ashes Remain). You do not want to miss these guys in action!

SURGE is still a quartet of professional musicians with a wealth of experience in the music and entertainment scene. Each member has performed, toured and recorded with other bands in the past... and often appear in other band projects as well.

SURGE began performing on the Baltimore Metro music scene in 2015. We will be returning to many of our past venues as well as appearing in some new ones. Since the bands inception the focus has been on recreating songs with remarkable accuracy, but we like to display our improvisational abilities as well. For these reasons our fans continue to return to our shows to dance as much as they do to listen and watch. And we love our audience as much as we love the music we perform. We just can’t stop entertaining and interacting with them... from the sound check to the encore (and the occasional after-party)!

We also specialize in handling any size event – from small pubs to huge outdoor shows
We can also provide full PA and lights as well as DJ and video services
We will work with you for your event or gathering
For private parties, wedding receptions, or large corporate events
SURGE... We want to be the band for your next function!


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