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Members: Tina Gavin - Mixed Emotions is excited about welcoming our newest member. Tina brings the group up a whole octave, (in a good way). Tina add strong vocals to the group whether singing Brenda Lee, or Journey! George Allen - bass guitar, lead/backup vocals. Amazing bass player who can also rock the vocals. George adds energy to the bands mix. George also brings a vast knowledge of sound and recording, and brightens up the band with his lights. Danny Baker - keyboard, lead/backuup vocals. Mild-mannered music teacher by day, crazy keyboardist by night. He's the bad note policeman of the group. Ronny Bray - drums. Ron does the booking, and keeps the band together with his solid rhythm. One of the most versatile drummers playing everything from rock to waltzes. Wayne Bray - rhythm/lead guitar, lead/backup vocals, and driver of the RV. Wayne adds a nice change in vocals and provides a smooth rhythm guitar, and lead guitar to the mix. He's also responsible for our mix as the soundman.

Established: many years ago

Do you play requests?

Sometimes that's when we have the most fun.  We love to do that.  We like to say, "If we know it we'll be glad to do it, if we don't know it, will do it anyway".  Either way, it usually turns out great!

What types of events do you like to play?

We enjoy all types of events.  Variety is the spice of life.  We pride ourselves on adapting to the crowd, so we can be mellow, or rock out, what ever is needed.  We are available for clubs, weddings, private parties to name a few.