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I am truly fortunate to be able to play with a number of different groups and some of the most talented musicians around covering a variety of genres and musical styles; AND I am also very proud to display my custom-built 1999 Brubaker LEXA 4-string as the best image to convey my love of music and the instrument.  Here are the  groups I can be seen with:

Brother Bill- American Roots & Acoustic Blues  (check at
            (also with John Vaith on guitar and Paul on the BIG harps,  as "The $timulu$ Package")

Ashland Cafe Thursday Night Live Music/Open Mic  (with Aimee Kahn) - Bass support for acoustic/electric  acts.  (also see "Ashland Cafe Open Mic Show" here on MdParty).

Borderstone - Honky  Tonk bar band, featuring "edgy" country dance music. (find "Borderstone" on Facebook).
Chris Sacks Band  -   Tropical Rock / Classic Rock / Originals  (

The  All-Stars - Classic rock and old favorites by a group of seasoned musicians that came together through the Tuesday night Open Mic and Jam at the Birdcage in Linthicum.  

The Classroom Dragons -  R&B, Soul, Blues, Classic Rock  & Originals  (
Timeless  -  Classic Rock  with attitude  from the 60's through the 90's.  (also see "Timeless" here on MdParty), and find "Timeless Band" on Facebook).
Wild Rice (featuring Baltimore's own Larry Dennis) -  Blues, Hendrix, and Classic Rock ( 


Check here to see who I'm playing with, when and where. Thankfully, this is a work in progress; dates are being added all the time , so check back often.


FINALLY, I've also become very fond of the local open mic scene (thanks Brother Bill), and do occasional fill-ins with other great local friends in the bands Southpaw ,  Nautical Wheelers,  Panama Rex,  and the Chesapeake Pub Crawl. 


I AM ALSO AVAILABLE TO FILL-IN  - just get in contact by phone/text or email.

Kenny Polcak


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