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I am truly fortunate to be able to play with a number of different groups and some of the most talented musicians around covering a variety of genres and musical styles; AND I am also very proud to display my custom-built 1999 Brubaker LEXA 4-string as the best image to convey my love of music and the instrument.  Here are the regular groups I can be seen with:

Brother Bill- American Roots & Acoustic Blues  (check at
            (also with John V on guitar and Paul on the BIG harps,  as "The $timulu$ Package")

Chesapeake Pub Crawl - Classic Rock
Chris Sacks Band  -   Tropical Rock / Classic Rock / Originals  (
The Classroom Dragons -  R&B, Soul, Blues, rock  & Originals  (
Midnight Cargo  -  Danceable Classic Rock  (check here at
Wild Rice (featuring Baltimore's own Larry Dennis) -  Blues, Hendrix, and Classic Rock ( 

Check here to see who I'm playing with, when and where. Thankfully, this is a work in progress; dates are being added all the time , so check back often.

FINALLY, I've also become very fond of the local open mic scene (thanks Brother Bill), and do occasional fill-ins with other great local friends in the bands Southpaw, Stilbound & Nautical Wheelers. 

I AM ALSO AVAILABLE TO FILL-IN  - just get in contact by phone/text or email.

Kenny Polcak


Saturday, December 15, 2018
Horseshoe Casino,  Baltimore MD
Back to this great Baltimore venue  at the 14 Forty in the heart of the action, with the CLASSROOM DRAGONS .  We bring on the classic Rock and Soul starting at 5pm and go until 8:45pm.   Bring your luck and your dancing shoes!!
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  18+ FREE
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
The Birdcage,  Glen Burnie MD
Continuing  to co-host this great open-mic jam session at this great Linthicum venue.  Whether you're a regular or an aspiring newcomer ,  we  have full back-line  (bass amp, drum kit, etc.) and PA.  Solo acts, or with the house  band, or whatever; the combinations are endless.   Play an instrument, sing, or just come to listen , it's always a blast on Tuesday at "the  Cage".   Things get started  7:30 and go til 11:30.  AND be sure to generously tip the two  best bartenders around  (Annie and Nicki).
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Friday, December 21, 2018
Ashland Cafe,  Cockeysville MD
MIDNIGHT CARGO hits the stage at the awesome restaurant and bar; great food and service, and a huge dance floor.  We crank out the classic rock starting at 7pm and go 'til 11pm.  We love those early shows!!!!  Bring your dancing shoes and your appetite.  
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Saturday, December 22, 2018
Eklo Inn,  Freeland MD
Back to the Hereford Zone, filling in for the incomparable, the unconscionable, the inevitable Scoop with my brothers in SOUTHPAW.   As Scoop recovers, I'll do my best to fill some  mighty big shoes.    It's "3 chords and a party "from 8pm to Midnight.   
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  18+ FREE
Saturday, December 29, 2018
Fillin -in with my brothers with SOUTHPAW.   It's "3 chords and a party" in Arbutus; always a great time and open to the public  from 7-11pm.
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