This Your Monkey?

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Members: Bob Copper: Guitar, Vocals Ed Pabst: Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals. Paul New: Percussion, Vocals

Established: Shortly after the Cuban Missle Crisis but just before the end of the Mayan Calendar

Where did it all begin??

With delusions of becoming rock stars, Bob & Ed spent their misguided youths (late 70's/ early 80's) as members of various Baltimore based rock bands performing in any bar, backyard or frat party that would have them. Eventually each found a glimmer of rock stardom in Starleigh represented bands - Bob with Eros and Fashion - Ed with Special Delivery and Stryker. The "club" years (80's) found the boys headlining the best stages in town with their bands and occasionally as supporting acts for regional acts and Baltimore favorites Bootcamp, No Heros, Childs Play and The Ravyns. Honing their skills as songwriters, Eros even had one of their songs, "Mind Games", air as part of 98 Rock's local music program in 1984. As they pushed forward their wives and children soon grew tired of the four to five night/ week music schedules pushing the boys to retire from the local music scene. Bob quickly, but reluctantly accepted his fate; however, Ed not so much. Always one to push the envelope, Ed formed the acoustic group Split Decision and continued to perform becoming "almost an institution" at Leadbetters in Fells Point. But then it finally happened... after his second son was born and Ed arriving home at 7am in the morning from a Fells Point Happy Hour gig the previous afternoon, which legend has it occurred the same night... you guessed it, MUSIC RETIREMENT.

So, why now?

With the Kids grown (and grandchildren on the way), I think the real question is WHY NOT??


Where will you perform?

Any bar, basement, backyard or frat party that will have us. Circle of life, man!