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Song List

Nearly Lost You- Screaming Trees 
Unglued- STP
Sex Type Thing- STP 
All Apologies- Nirvana 
Come As You Are- Nirvana
About A Girl- Nirvana 
Last Kiss- Pearl Jam 
Gel- Collective Soul 
Heavy- Collective Soul 
Plowed- Sponge 
Man In the Box- Alice In Chains
Bound to the Floor- Local H 
Banditoes- the Refreshments 
If You Could Only See- Tonic 
Hemorrhage in My Hand- FUEL 
Come On and Love Me- KISS 
Do You Love Me- KISS 
Cold Gin- KISS 
I Stole Your Love- KISS 
Green Manalishi- Judas Priest 
Diamonds and Rust- Judas Priest 
Breaking the Law- Judas Priest 
Desert Plain- Judas Priest 
Wrathchild- Iron Maiden 
Smoke On the Water- Deep Purple 
Ball and Chain- Social Distortion 
Like A Stone- Audioslave
Bad Name- Bon Jovi 
Young Lust- Pink Floyd 
The One I Love- REM 
Fight For Your Right- Beastie Boys 
Foxy Lady- Hendrix 
Low- Cracker 
Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down 
Jane- Jefferson Starship 
Hard to Handle- Black Crowes 
Jealous Again- Black Crowes 
N.I.B.- Black Sabbath 
Paranoid- Black Sabbath 
Rocking the Free World- Neil Young 
Own Worst Enemy- LIT 
She Hates Me- Puddle of Mud 
Hot Razors- Crack the Sky 
Crazy Train- Ozzy
Girl Like You- Smithereens 
Cheap Sunglasses- ZZ Top
Squeeze Box- The Who 
Sweet Child O' Mine- GNR 
Good- Better than Ezra 
She Talks to Angels- Black Crowes
American Band- Grand Funk
Song #2- Blur 
Cumbersome- 7 Mary 3
Ain't Talking Bout Love- VH
Running With the Devil- VH
You Really Got Me- VH
Jamie's Crying- VH
Remedy- Seether