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NOT  DEAD  YET is a premiere 70's Classic Rock and 80's Metal Band delivering great hit songs with the intensity and style that genuinely reflect that awesome era of music. No nonsense approach with gutsy vocals and rich searing guitars that light up the stage. The back beat driven by thunderous drumming and ground pounding bass lines that bring grins of delight to those with a place in their heart for such sounds and music. The band pays homage to many greats. You will groove to songs from AC/DC, Aerosmith, Kiss, Motley Crue, RATT, Poison, Dokken, Bad Company, CCR, The Stones, UFO, The Cult, Grand Funk, Steppenwolf, The Guess Who, Krokus, Fastway, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot and many others. The band culture is to create an evening that connects with the audience in a fun manner that keeps them up in front of the bandstand, moving to the rhythm and drinking at the bar.


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