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       Wellcome to the Johnny Balls page. Sorry it's been so long since I updated. Being an administrator in Musicians Against Carpal Tunnel isn't the only way I celebrate my laziness.
       If you haven't heard, Patti Baker Finn has joined my wife, Larry and Bruce from the Love Cowboys, an so many more of our family and friends in the great beyond. She is missed by many.

      The Blue Collar Band has been disbanded. Against the Wall didn't last long. The Joe Caleb Band is starting a hopefully long and successful run, and I'm doing third Fridays at Baker's Tavern in Middle River. Other folks that may appear at Baker's include Meg Nugent also a Caleb Band member and Tom Titus who plays with Rockabilly Phil, Mood Improvement, and the Caleb Band.

     Of course when I'm in the Caleb band he's the boss, but any other time guest players are encouraged. We don't do open mic format but if you want to play or sing we'll be sure you have a chance.

     Hope to see you!



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