Bob Reilly & Joe Goulait / The Reilly Goulait Band

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Bob Reilly - Vocals, Guitars & Harmonica

Joe Goulait - Vocals, Guitars & Bass


The Reilly Goulait Band performs Pop, Rock and Soul Cover Songs from the 50's to the Present. Their Variety and Range of Music is perfect for Corporate Events, Private Parties, Public Venues and Outdoor Concerts.

The Band Members have Extensive and Broad Musical Histories.

Bob Reilly has played in many bands over the years. His first “official” band during his teen years was called The Sensations, a 10-piece Soul Band with full horn section. Bob was the lead singer. Over the years, ,Bob worked with a number of bands including Watercress & Chula; mostly playing in coffeehouses, universities and small clubs in the Washington/Baltimore area. As a Singer/Songwriter, Bob wrote material for Open Circle, a mid-Atlantic music collaboration, and released two recordings. Shortly thereafter, Bob wrote the music and produced two studio projects – The Journey Home and Perfect Love - both produced by his company, Weinot Productions. In 2001, Bob formed a folk-rock group called theBRIDGE, They released a CD called “Unexpected Ways." 

The Reilly Goulait Band was formed in 2010.

The Band just completed a New EP / CD entitled " Work In Progress " containing 7 Reilly Originals.


Joe Goulait was born in England and moved to the United States at the age of three. He first started playing guitar at age 12 on a four dollar instrument he purchased from a classmate. In 1966, Joe joined his first band called The Heard as their bass player. He worked on several musical collaborations in High School. After High School he joined a band called Fireside which had a successful run playing clubs in the D.C. area. Later Joe played in the band Windfall which included former members of Fireside. Currently Joe is a guitarist and singer with The Janglebachs, a ’60s-’70s era band, and The McDuffees, a country-rock band.


Together, these talented musicians will entertain, and bring a wonderfully diverse blend of musical styles to your special event.

Duo,Trio or Full Band,  Reilly Goulait performs Popular Cover Songs from the '50s to the present, along with fresh Originals. The band offers a lush, harmonic presentation of a wide range of material designed to please.

Their mission is to provide entertaining, engaging, and fun music to broad listening audience.

Established: 2010