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CHUGGALUG  is the hardest working trio in the area!! We play what you want to hear - most popular covers include Journey, Lady Gaga, Boston, Katy Perry, Heart, Kelly Clarkson... Our alter ego 'Us,' an indie pop/rock original band, writes and performs our own music!   The Chuggalug bandfamily is blessed to include pro drummers from all over the tri-state area depending on when and where we're playing.  Charlie & PJ are full-time musicians, gigging 24/7 and as much as possible.  Our gigs range from bars/clubs, to acoustic shows, to weddings and corporate functions.  We aim to look good and sound even better!

Come check out our




Saturday, September 29, 2018
VFW Post 6027,  North East MD
Full Band 8-12
View Event 373598