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Members: Fire Plug - Lead vocals , harmonica , percussion and bitching Will - Bass Guitar  Dean - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals  Michael Fast - Drums & Percussion -  Jon Sudusky Keyboards, lead, backup vocals & master of sounds.

Established: 1992

Where have you guys been playing the past few years ! Everywhere we can .

Rebound was started in 1992 . Since then we have had a few players come and go .

Recently our very good friend and keyboard player passed away so we decided to

take a break not knowing whether we would be back or not . After having so many people

wanting us to start again , we decided to give it another go . We now have all the players

and hopefully we will see all of you soon . We would especially like to thank Susan for her

speech that got us all fired up . All of our gigs will be in honer of Gaz . See you all soon !

Why would I, just an average guy, want to come hear you guys play?

Because you are popular, intelligent, extremely handsome, adored by all, and have excellent taste in music.  Everybody knows that listening to Rebound increases your babe-magnet properties.  It can also add years to your life, get you free meals at Hooters, expand your "friends" list on Facebook into the thousands, help you lose weight, earn you a spot on Monday Morning Mania, have a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike named after you, and extend "that certain part of the male body" I hear about on TV all the time (except that it hasn't worked for me yet, so I don't know . . . I'm just sayin').

Can you hook my sister up with one of your friends?

Of course!  Matchmaking is our middle name.  Just buy her the slinkiest mini-skirt ever made, (a leopard-print thong would be a nice touch), a see-through tube top, then spray her with Jack Daniels, get her to call three hot girlfriends and bring her to a Rebound show.  We'll see to it she don't stay lonely long.