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Guest Book


So glad that in March Top Shelf will be performing together again. They were surely missed. Can't wait when they perform again. For an enjoyable time, recommend everyone to see them. You will not be disappointed. They are great!!!  - Chris (3 years ago 2/6/2019   14:38)
Top Shelf is great entertainment!! Dave and Jack are great entertainers!!! For a fabulous time of entertainment, join them. You will totally enjoy the sound and union of their music! What a great performance of a fabulous team!!!  - Chris Wach (5 years ago 3/17/2017   18:50)
Well, here we are at 2016 year end....wish the both of you a great 2017! You two are really great together!....enjoyable entertainment and your selection of songs is totally awesome. Hope year 2017 is as great your past years together!!!  - Chris (5 years ago 12/3/2016   23:00)
Top Shelf is amazing entertainment! Dave and Jack are really good and the interaction with the audience is just great. It's real entertainment and fun. For an enjoyable time, where you can hear so many of your favorite songs, join them.  - Chris (6 years ago 7/14/2016   05:36)

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