Richard Blane

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If you are looking for a Elvis tribute show. I have a professional sound system and work from backing tracks, not Karaoke. My shows are based on the music of Elvis Presley between the years of 1969 through 1977. I  also include some of his old stuff including all of his big hits everyone loves to hear.I have over 100 Elvis tunes to choose from. Great care has been taken to provide a respectful tribute and no cost has been spared. I believe that I can closely provide the voice, the passion and stage presence exibited by the King. I also own and operate a Dj and Karaoke business. The two combined together can really round out a party. I have performed around the country but also do many shows right here in Maryland. I grew up in Baltimore and love to play here in my home town. If you would be interested in booking a show I'm very flexible and can work out something for your venue or private party. Don't forget my  Dj service for all ocasions, Karaoke for your guest who sing and a stand alone Elvis appearences, concerts and just add Elvis in with your Dj. Always ready for the next show Premier Music Service. Come out and see one of my shows listed on Maryland 


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