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Formed in 2002 as StilBound  with changes to bass, drums, and adding sax, keys and mandolin. In 2019 our latest version morphed in to StilBound 2.0, plays Classic Rock from the 60s, 70s, & 80s featuring Doobie Brothers, Eagles, Petty & of course Beatles and Stones. We've added a blend of Southern Rock, MTV 80's tunes, including Todd Rundgren, Billy Idol, Robert Palmer & Toto.  We're not too loud and pride ourselves on the bands dynamics.  We also believe that if you don't add your own flavor, then you're no cook. StilBound 2.0 has Fun and it shows. We hope to see you at our shows !  --Please Support Local Music--


Saturday, September 11, 2021
All Church Picnic & Concert,  Churchville MD
StilBound 2.0 plays All Church Charity Picnic & Concert - Saturday, September 11th, 3pm-7pm. 3112 Churchville Rd., Churchville Md. Check our Facebook page for more details - StilBound 2.0 Fans. Not a member? Send a request. Thanks for your support.
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