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Guest Book


We’ve seen you a few times…. Skipjacks, Middle River. “Play some Led Zeppelin”.. lol! Just missed you at Coconut’s in OC, our favorite. You guys are so good, so fun. Amazing playlist!! Looking forward to next time!!  - Joyce and Paul (2 years ago 9/4/2021   11:17)
We really enjoyed listening to both of you last Friday at Bushmill's Tavern. You'll certainly be seeing us again soon. Thanks for the conga/bongo tips.  - Jim P. (5 years ago 9/14/2018   14:31)
First time listening to your music. Last night HYC. It sure won't be last. Loved it!  - Kathy & Randy Johnson (8 years ago 7/25/2015   12:22)
Great job always ! ( From the Norwegian Woods guy )  - Dave (10 years ago 12/28/2013   14:09)
Great Song selection at Marli's Dockside. See you again soon  - Mrs. T. (12 years ago 5/31/2011   20:44)
You guys rocked the house at Hightopps on Sunday. Never seen so many people up and dancing. Thanks  - John B. (12 years ago 5/31/2011   20:42)
Mike great web site. I know must come see you perform.  - Matt G. / Hartco (13 years ago 11/19/2010   13:12)
You guys were AMAZING last night at Hightops! My boyfriend & our two best friends went for dinner & had planned to leave by 10,after hearing your 1st set, we had to stay for the last 2! Awesome night!  - Katie (14 years ago 4/25/2010   22:26)
Can't wait til hear you on the 3rd of April at Cockley's!  - Michelle Gillespie (14 years ago 3/29/2010   13:04)
You guys sound awesome!!! I sang along to every song!!! Can't wait to see you play again! Do whatcha do!!!  - Florida Fan!! (14 years ago 5/8/2009   13:00)
Damn they are fine  - Mike (14 years ago 5/5/2009   16:45)
Can't wait to see you guys at the Wild Duck!!!  - Linda Pumphrey (15 years ago 4/23/2009   12:12)
I really enjoyed the show last week at Torino's - I will definately see you again this weekend!!  - Sunni Cowan (15 years ago 4/22/2009   20:31)
Can I get on your mailing list??  - Helen (15 years ago 4/22/2009   20:20)

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