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Monday, January 23, 2023 15:22
Subject: Vintage Farfisa organ--price reduced
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Name: Cliff

Price reduction. Was $1000, now offering at $800.
I have a vintage Farfisa Mini Deluxe Compact organ for sale. Based on its condition and rarity I am asking a starting price of $1000. This is a classic electric organ in very good shape, made in Italy in 1968. If you are familiar with these and seeking one, I need not go into comprehensive detail of its features. If not, and you are interested in a vintage Farfisa combo organ, let me try to summarize: The Mini Deluxe Compact is a single keyboard 4-octave electric organ. Farfisas were very popular in the 60s. You can hear the distinct Farfisa sound in tons of songs back then and today. You don't have to be in a band that just plays oldies to appreciate their sound.
Farfisas were controlled by toggle switches. The bottom octave can even be switched to play bass notes. It has a two-level vibrato, fast and slow, and two main banks of voices. One is the Multi-Tone Boost, which can crank out basically every tone it has for a full sound. When that is disengaged, there are six individually selectable tones -- bass, flutes, oboe, and strings. Note the lever underneath the keyboard on the right side. This is engaged and pushed with the side of your leg to boost the volume dynamically. The only thing not original is the volume pedal which I had to have a new one custom made at a local repair shop several years ago. The pedal is visible on top of the organ in the photo with the cover closed. And it all packs up in its own suitcase.
I bought it around 1980, and played it in a cover band for about 15 years, and it's been in storage since then. It still looks good, and is very clean for its age (55 years) and more importantly it works. I had it reconditioned -- checked, cleaned and tuned, and the new volume pedal made at Big Crunch Amp Repair in Baltimore in 2017. I have the service order for inspection if you are serious about checking out this instrument. They are not easy to find in this condition.
YouTube is a good resource for demonstrating the vintage Farfisa sound.
Let me know if interested.

PS. I originally felt this organ was in excellent condition. I have found two stress cracks on the bottom corners of the instrument. These organ frames are made out of wood, and Farfisa probably glued them together, and over the decades get set down on the bottom countless times, so it's probably not uncommon for these areas to eventually show evidence of wear. The cracks are not severe and I have filled them with glue. (Photos available.) The frame is in no danger of falling apart, but anyone who owns a vintage keyboard like this needs to treat it with care. They are pretty durable, but not indestructible. Since they do not affect the sound or playability of the instrument.
I feel "very good" more accurately describes the condition.
Baltimore County

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