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Wednesday, December 21, 2022 07:48
Subject: Rhythm guitar available
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Name: john

rhythm guitar available for CLASSIC ROCK.....ideally looking for 1-2 gigs a month for a working band..Please,no start up groups..quick learner and always come to practice prepared..vast song catalog and can adapt to your songs..gear and trans not a problem..anywhere in baltimore,annapoplis or belair many styles...rock-country-blues-.ready whenever you are..thanks,,

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Thursday, December 29, 2022 15:12
Subject: Rhythm guitar available
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Name: Suzie McCullough

Busy, Working MD Band seeking a Singing Guitarist (harmonies & leads). Must be professional, talented, a great showman, and dedicated as a member. We are Not looking for a casual, side project player; but a Full Member who shares our passion for High-Energy Performance and growth. Keys, Bass, Drums, Lead Vox and YOU on Guitar! ALL our members shine bright; are YOU our newest star?
We will be setting up auditions beginning late January. There are 5 members, and a sound man – so everything is an equal 6 member split. We have a super sweet digital rig capable or recording, mixing, etc. We rehearse at Orion Studios in Baltimore since it's pretty central, and sometimes at my house (eastern Baltimore co.).
We are a five piece working band from Anne Arundel, Baltimore County and Howard & Carroll County. We play all over. We do a variety of rock, pop, funk and a bit of funk and a little country. The general requests from most rooms is to add more danceable stuff, so we have an awesome dance variety. We're looking for a guitarist to play Lead and Rhythm, add some harmonies and a awesome leads. We pride ourselves on and are known for precision musicianship, our dance-set medleys, and a full-on concert party. We are entering our 8th year, and things are going very well. We've played at the Maryland State Fair and Stanstock music festivals, casino, waterfront venues, yacht clubs, etc! We have dates booked all the way up till December 2023; and we stay steady and busy.
ALL pro sound, great songs, precision musicianship and talent!
We've played numerous restaurants, bars, fairs, arenas, in the area and cater to each venue and clientele’s musical tastes. We do the Best music; from the Meticulously Crafted Melodic Songs to Butt Kickin' Rock, Pop, Dance, Country & Funk songs that will raise an eyebrow - we will have you and your patrons under our Spell the whole night. We put on a Full Professional Performance complete with powerhouse sound, lighting, and a professional, very talented band of seasoned musicians that wows and engages every single audience; and encourages their excitement. We book shows one year out, so now is the time! We would be a Great fit at your venue and we Highly Advertise. We've been featured at concert series' and all types of venues! Our resume is quite impressive, details in our press kit (attached). We do danceable rock and a variety from country, funk and all the goodness in between! Truly something for everyone! Our growth has been amazing! Our live experience is like a true Concert! Chill, Rockin, Dance, Smooth... We Do It ALL!!!
Our current guitarist is leaving but is staying around until we find his replacement.
We have other more exciting videos and crowd shots.
Email for details, links, and an audition appointment.
Baltimore County

White Marsh

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Monday, January 23, 2023 19:25
Subject: Rhythm guitar available
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Name: Dennis

Practice at Sheffield Recording Studio, if interested call me to discuss.




Contact: 4438449272

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