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Tuesday, May 31, 2022 15:11
Subject: Lead guitarist- backing vocals a plus
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Name: Paul

Current band forming with members from previous successful working bands- need a lead guitarist who is interested in building a new project with a new group (not pushing for gigs tomorrow, just to get out), but is more concerned with playing quality music and building a great-sounding band. Our goal is covering anything danceable- from older Rock, R&B, to current Rock and Country. We currently have Drums, Bass and Keys onboard, and are searching for potentially both a male and female lead vocalist so the set lists are limitless, but first need the final component of a strong lead guitarist.  We are looking for someone who likes to play lead for a variety of genres and styles.

Also, once the sets have been developed and we start the gigs, practices would stop (except for learning new material).  


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