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Thursday, November 11, 2021 12:08
Subject: Guitarist Wanted
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Name: Appaloosa

Guitarist wanted for Appaloosa an established five piece group with a strong reputation based out of the Baltimore area.  We are part-time and working steady, averaging 2-5 gigs per month.  All five sing and we have put a great deal of work in vocals both lead and back up.  This group is made up of seasoned players with great chemistry and attitude..

Our song list is primarily classic rock/power pop rock geared towards up beat commercial songs with a crowd pleasing slant.  We have a comprehensive web site that you can view with a history of our group, song list, audio and video clips.   www.appaloosaband.netZEVS



Contact: 443-722-3168
Metro Baltimore
Contact: 443-722-3168
Metro Baltimore area

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Sunday, February 6, 2022 17:19
Subject: Guitarist Wanted
Message# 49934 (Reply to 49899)
Name: Tom Chopper

If you guys are still looking, let me know. I’d be interested. 

Contact: 443. 865. 0657
Shrewsbury PA

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