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Sunday, June 27, 2021 07:58
Subject: Pro Lead Guitar w/ Vox (Cover, Party Band)
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Name: SWP

Pro lead guitar player looking for a low maintenance cover jam.

I've been signed to Getting the Gig.  I've played all the good rooms in MD.  I have pro gear and attitude.  Compromise is no issue.  I don't wanna lead a band.  Ill do modern rock, country rock, top 40, dance, 80s/90s/2000s.   I can play Painkiller note for note.... and have no need to do it live so no metal cover projects pls.  I have solid BU and Lead vox.  I have studio/production and engineer experience.

I am mid 40s, pro gear, no drugs.

I can also do remote rehearsals with JamKazam or some other software.

-I currently play in a touring original band.  Not going to leave that.  We gig regionally in support of touring national hard rock acts and do occasional LA trips.  Generally, 6-8 shows per year.
-I am in Annapolis.  I would prefer not to travel north of Bmore for rehearsal.  Gigs are fine.  However, the right band shouldn't need tons of rehearsal time IMO.
-I don't want to gig out every weekend and every night.  1-2 per month is just fine.

-Jams and people must be fun.  $$$ is a fringe benefit.  Drama is unacceptable.

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