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Wednesday, June 2, 2021 18:52
Subject: Lead Guitarist Wanted
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Name: Tim W.

Classic Rock & Roll, Modern, Pop, County Rock ,Country.Motown and Soul band is seeking a flexible, experienced dependable 'lead guitar player '  a team member to join a group with scheduled bookings, playing at least twice / three times a month for the band 'Black Orchid' .

We practice regularly and we play often. Check our Past Shows, here.

Playing covers that most should know and have played in the past and concentrate on current poplar songs and high energy songs that keep people out on the dance floor and the owners happy.

Singing lead and or backup vocals for songs would be an added plus
Practice once a week in a studio with a full PA and recording equipment in the Baltimore area.
The existing members of the band are in their early/mid fifties and lead vocals are split with a very talented female singer.

Existing laid back ‘B’ personalities preferred.
No ‘A’ attitudes, no drugs, no alcohol and no drama, accountable, reliable, dependable, no quitters and with a flexible schedule.

No, we are not looking for a Boy Scout ,nor a Saint, neither would be a fit. !!!! But, “I’m a always right person ” won’t fit either. 
Current master song listing and / or ,most recent set list can be provided.

If your Job requires you to work either Friday or Saturday evenings, you will not be a fit.

If, interested contact Tim Will at -

Or call me 410-426-1376, or reply back here.

Greater Baltimore Area

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