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Tuesday, May 25, 2021 15:57
Subject: Talegunner looking for singer/frontman
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Name: Randy

TaleGunner is looking for a Rocking singer to front a Rocking band!! We are all very talented musicians that has been playing in bands for a long time! Our music ranges from classic rock (zeppelin, queen, Aerosmith, ufo ect.) to 90's rock (STP, Alice in chains, Godsmack, Pearl jam, ect.) plus many others!! Talegunner is currently a working band with 10+ gigs alraedy booked like Stables, Fishhead. Main stage grille, new phillips inn, Perry's and a few more!! We currently practice in elderswburg area. Our average age is 59 but we still rock like we are 20!! Talegunner has a facebook page to check us out, and we also have a maryland party page with our schedule listed. we are looking for a easy going, no ego great singer that wants to play twice a month or so. Our goal is to have 5 guys understanding this is for fun, not money or drama...lets rock the room and get that dance floor going!! if this is for you contact Randy at 443-755-6237 or email me at
baltimore/carroll county

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021 17:06
Subject: Talegunner looking for singer/frontman
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Name: randy

sorry my number is 443-752-6237 Randy

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