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Thursday, May 13, 2021 08:18
Subject: Seeking Bassist for "Yacht Rock meets Journey"!
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Name: Ter

Seeking Bassist for '70s/80s' Classic Rock Band with a unique twist (Howard County, MD)

Four seasoned musicians:

  1. - Lead Vocalist
  2. - Lead Guitarist (singer)
  3. - Keyboardist (singer)
  4. - Soon to be Announced eDrummer

Seeking a Bassist to complete the 5 piece line up for a unique rock band - having experience, knowledge, and desire for 70s/80s CR era music:  Journey, Styx, Foreign, Toto, Jefferson Starship, Steely Dan, The Cars, etc. 

One set will be unique one hit wonders or meeting a certain Yacht Rock theme.

practice once a week in Columbia, MD. Flexible practice schedule.
Social Distancing at in-home studio.   

Just bring your Ax & AMP & Skills, and let's have fun!!!  

If interested, please email


Howard County, MD

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