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Wednesday, January 15, 2020 21:23
Subject: Lead Guitaritst
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Name: Ellie Cerasuolo

Lead Guitarist for a 101.9 type band. Some older tunes, some newer ones. If they're great songs and we want to play them we will. Democracy we hear all members and choose songs together. Some originals (if they're good and we all like them) we can do as well. No primadonnas, no druggies, and we'll play no more than 4 x a month (sometimes 2 times on a weekend) or a week day (work permitting). Again, a democracy so we'll all talk about it first. This is about FUN, not that we're not SERIOUS musicians...we all have played for years and expect to be practiced. If you don't practice, you won't last as we won't tolerate it if you don't know the song consistently. We get great gigs by playing great, etc. 

SALT & BLUE is the band's name. 


Contact: Ellie Cerasuolo 443-278-3800 9-9 pm
Pasadena/Millersville, MD 21122,21108

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