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Wednesday, November 13, 2019 05:47
Subject: Bass Player Needed on permanent basis
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Name: Larry J Goren

Good Morning,
We are in search of a Bass Player and need to fill this role asap.
We play classic some 60's, mostly 70's and 80's rock and roll. We practice in Carroll County. Please consider drive times.
We have shows on the books all through 2020. No need to worry about downtime! We perform for our Veterans and work with Veteran charities to give back.
We are mostly an age 50 band and still rockin' !
We have a variety of places to perform. If you like 60's and 70's and 80's classic rock tunes, please feel free to write. If you would, please include a brief resume of your experience, past and present.
Thank you very much.
We play 2 shows per month. 1 practice per week.
Thanks for reading.


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Thursday, November 14, 2019 09:57
Subject: Bass Player Needed on permanent basis
Message# 49586 (Reply to 49582)
Name: Mark Shaw

Good morning, 

I'm sure that I would be a good fit for your band musically, and I'm close to my 50's (the other side of them actually!), but where in Carroll County do you practice?  How often and when?  I am a bass player, guitarist and can play drums as well.  I don't currently have any drums, but I do have bass and guitar rigs, all great equipment.  I am married, own a home in Parkville, have a job and love veterans and the Ravens!  I've played out in Baltimore and beyond for about 45 years (I'm 61) in a variety of bands.  Mostly played guitar and drums, but have played bass for at least 20 years and again, a variety of bands.  Bands I've played bass for are Nuthin' Fancy (southern and classic rock), and the Dalton Gang (classic and oldies).  I played lead guitar for the Dalton Gang for about 8 years and then a couple of years with them on bass.  More recently was the Vagabonds and then Velvet Jones (both alt and variety type bands).  Played a lot downtown and in Fells Point.

I want you to know too, that I lost my vocal cords to cancer this past summer, so although I can speak with the help of an artificial speech valve (I sound very mechanical), I don't talk a lot and am still working it out.  I have a trach tube but cover it when I play so no one can see it.  I just want to be up front with you guys.  Does not affect my playing or ability to be an active part of an ensemble.

What venues do you play?  Are you playing in Baltimore for the most part?  Let me know about the practice day(s) please.

Anyway, look forward to hearing back from you.  Sounds like I could just step right in and play most of what you're doing!

I appreciate your consideration.


Mark Shaw


Contact: 410-245-6896
Parkville MD

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Thursday, November 14, 2019 14:14
Subject: Bass Player Needed on permanent basis
Message# 49587 (Reply to 49582)

I'm currently in a very similar group called LEFT TURN CLYDE. Great bunch of talented guys but not really gigging out enough to scratch my itch to play. Only once or twice about every 3 months or so. Don't want to be out there beating it every single weekend like the old days, but certainly a little more than what we've been doing. I can bring skills, great gear, loyalty and such to the group. I am a 2013 inductee into the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Please call to discuss further,

Larry Thompson (443) 226-5095




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Sunday, December 15, 2019 10:33
Subject: Bass Player Needed on permanent basis
Message# 49618 (Reply to 49582)
Name: Justin Johns

Bassplayer with pro gear and work ethic. Formerly with Scalded Ape, Caught Redhanded, Steel Dixon, Steel Force


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