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Friday, October 25, 2019 18:00
Subject: Musicians Wanted
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Name: Tom Margolis

Forming Rock Band in Silver Spring Md..looking for Serious and Seasoned Players(Lead Guitar,Bass and

Drums for now),I Play Keys,Guitar and Sing and would be fronting the Band..Styles Range from Classic Rock

to Blues to Country and Southern Rock and would include Bands like the Doobie Brothers,Allman Brothers,Eagles,

Eric Clapton,Jim Croce,and Select Country tunes just to name a few..this is not a Knock around Band,I'm looking 

to have 'Fun' but I'm also looking to 'Play Out for Pay'!..You can Check Me out up on You tube,just Type in Tom Margolis

and click on the Purple icon to sample a few things that I do,You can Also here Me Play Piano with Brick Yard Road(a 

Southern Rock Tribute Band)from back in 2006,just type in Brick Yard Road Chicago..Maybe You can direct Me to go    

where I can Sample Your Playing as Well!..I'm Not asking You to quit Your Day Job,I would just like to have Professional

Grade Players..if You like what You hear up on You tube,then Give Me a Call c)240-997-8451 h)301-879-5852


Thanks, Tom

ps..I also have Practice Space 

Contact: c)240-997-8451
Silver Spring,Md 20904

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Sunday, October 27, 2019 06:32
Subject: Musicians Wanted
Message# 49562 (Reply to 49561)
Name: Michael Elliott

Drummer here. I'll give you a call later today (Sunday). Listen to me here.


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