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Tuesday, October 8, 2019 19:53
Subject: Praise Band-Christian Gospel- New Project
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Name: Dave

If you know what a  PRAISE BAND is and have interest in playing that kind of message music, for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and his messages, be they on the form of Praise Music or traditional inspired pop and country, then please read on. Unlike most of the people who play this kind of music at their churches, we intend to take it several steps further.  If you are familiar with Hillsong and Lincoln Brewster’s type of music then you are in one of our areas.  We also are planning on offering blues (traditional), country music with messages and pop music with similar messages- and there are a lot to choose from.  So as you can see this will not be your Sunday church band, but it will offer a variety of message genre's.  We also intend to offer original material including a musical we wrote and performed several years about the Story of Saul.  We don’t care what your religious affiliations are as long as you have a love for music and its message that touches others.   Regarding what we are looking for, since this venue does not necessarily pay consistently well, the size of the group is not as important as the quality of the music is, but we want talented people who are reliable and committed to the project.  Even if you have just performed at your local church, if you have the talent we are interested.  Remember Grammy’s are also give to this genre.  So vocals are extremely important and multi part harmonies are needed.  Instrumentally speaking, we see not only the usual instrumentation of 2-3 guitars, bass, drum, and keyboard, but  we also expect to use a second keyboard players, perhaps horns, and percussion. We have a practice space to accommodate this size group.  Depending on the size of the “gig” we may use our own sound, the venue’s sound or hire a sound guy.  The plan is to play somewhat locally within a 3-5 state locale depending on demand and what we are offered.  Obviously expenses must be covered and any compensation gets equally divided.  I hope this concept project is of interest to you and look forward to having a great time together.

Columbia, MD

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