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Friday, June 28, 2019 22:39
Subject: Drummer wanted
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Name: Dave

Forming a new band for 50's 60's and 70's genre.  This is not your typical bar band.  I've put bands together many time with success.  This band will focus on high quality performances, with better pay.  I need a drummer with experience and knows how to control his volume with his techniques and stick selection.  Also knows wide range of rhythm patterns.  Vocal ability a plus.  I'm a former agent and this band will be put together with quality vocals, and tight performances with quality stage presence.  Prefer local musicians so practice travel not an issue.  Practice space is in Laurel.  
Columbia, MD area

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Thursday, August 15, 2019 23:34
Subject: Drummer wanted
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Name: Bret Wescott

I am an experienced drummer with 30 years of live gigs, at 500 live shows. I've played former rooms such at The Bayou, Hammerjacks,  Scandals' in OC on 66th St., The Stone Balloon in Newark, Del. and many others. I have 2 Ludwig kits, each for the size of the rooms and stage size. If you are still looking for your drummer feel free to contact me. I can practice weekly, I am a VERY quick learner. My intention is to play out 1-4 times a month. I have links through my Facebook page.
Crofton, Md, 21114

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