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Tuesday, March 5, 2019 13:23
Subject: Singer / Acoustic guitarist Looking for Classic Rock
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Name: Jamie


I am looking for a situation that has practices close to Rockville. The gig I have had for the past several years is an hour away in Baltimore, and when preparing for a show, we would have 2 to 5 practices a week... And that is a lot of driving. 

And what have I been doing? For the past several years I have been doing an acoustic gig with a theater company. I write and arrange all the in show music. For the pre-show and intermission, I select 10 songs that fit the play, from multiple decades. Pop, rock, classic rock, earworms, etc and turn them into acoustic arrangements. Then I as teach the cast the songs, arranging the songs to match what musical talents we have for this play. For the play we are doing songs by Panic at the Disco, The Cure, T-Rex, etc. Both new and old. 

As much as I love this I am feeling the desire to sing and play in an electric band again. So if you are looking let me know. 


Rockville MD

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