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Thursday, February 21, 2019 15:18
Subject: BASS Player Available - Looking for Band
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Name: Scott

I’ve been in many bands over the years playing both rhythm and lead guitar, as well as providing lead and backup vocals. I’ve played guitar for about 25 years. Within the last ten years I have played bass off and on, but now I am looking for a fun and drama free band situation that has weekly practices and the occasional gig. If you’re looking to get gigs, I can probably help with that as well. I’d want to play classic rock, 90’s rock and maybe some modern rock. I am not into country. I am 46 years old, professional, reliable, and have professional gigging gear. I’d like to keep my traveling for weekly practices as minimal as possible, no more than 30 minutes from Deale Maryland. If you’re looking for a bass player, let me know. Please reply with songs you’re working on, or a set list, which will tell me right away of I am a good fit, as well as your current musical situation, e.g. you’re a working band, or a band working on getting ready to get out there and gig, or trying to form a band.

Rock On!

Contact: BigScottRocks at Gmail
Deale, Maryland

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Saturday, April 13, 2019 09:31
Subject: BASS Player Available - Looking for Band
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Name: Jessie

 Looking to put together a new band Motown pop and some rock covering everything from  kool & gang to John Mayer 410-610-7135
Contact: 410-610-7135 .
Calvert county

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