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Thursday, January 10, 2019 08:00
Subject: Keyboard Player Wanted
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Name: Tony

Three pro musicians with venue connections seeking 4th instrument (Keys) to round out 70’s/80’s set list, including but not limited to: Journey, Heart, Foreigner, The Cars, TOTO, Styx, etc.  Existing pro-grade players include Drummer, Bassist, Lead Guitarist and Singer.  Gigging vision is part time with 1 to 2 times out per month.  Practice 1 time per week to start (Severna Park, MD) then scale down with gig calendar in motion.  Vocals would be an added plus, but not a requirement.  Looking to deliver a convincing 70’s/80’s show and have FUN, …so we appreciate your professionalism.

If interested, please email    


Severna Park, MD

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019 13:25
Subject: Keyboard Player Wanted
Message# 49239 (Reply to 49234)
Name: Tom Margolis

Hey I did Leave You a message, but not sure if it went through..So I'll leave another..

Responding to Your Ad for the Keyboardist..You can Check Me out on Youtube,

just type in Tom Margolis and click on the Purple icon to Sample a few things that I do..

there is also another Channel there as well and a few things outside the Box..

c)240-997-8451 h)301-879-5852

Thanks, Tom



Contact: c)240-997-8451 h)301-879-5852
Silver Spring

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