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Saturday, December 8, 2018 14:14
Subject: Lighting System and Backdrop for sale
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Name: Steve Smith

Lights and Backdrop for Sale


Like New condition, Never used. I will sell separately. 

Cloth made of cotton. Color black which reduces distraction on stage. Cloth has a wrapped and sewn tube which the back stand truss slides into to hold the cloth on the stand. The cloth can slide along the stand truss to adjust the size of the backdrop on stage. Min width of back drop is 4 ft. Max width is 11 ft.

Backdrop Stand
The backdrop stand consists of 2 bases, 2 poles and the truss which holds up the backdrop cloth. Each pole attaches to a base which is place on the floor. The truss attaches to the poles by easy snap-on snap-off fittings. Maximum size is 12 ft x 12 ft. The stand is strong so you can hang a sign from the backdrop stand to create a good looking stage background.
2 bases. Made of heavy steel to prevent backdrop from falling down. Size of each base is 18 inch square about 1/2 inch thick. Weight of each base is 25lbs. Color black.
2 poles. Made of lightweight aluminum so each pole weighs about 10 lbs. Height of each pole is adjustable from min 8 ft to max 12 ft. The size of each pole is 2 inches in diameter. Color black.
Truss width is adjustable from 7 ft minimum to 12 ft maximum. So you can use this backdrop on a small stage such as for a puppet show and on a large stage such as for a music band.

I purchased this backdrop system at in 2014 and never used it.

Lighting System for Stage

8 stage lights with stands/trusses, cases and power cables; I bought this system new in 2014 from and I never used it. Now I need to get rid of it. I paid over $1200 for all this equipment. It's in new condition ready to use by any stage show.  See details below.

Light stands
2 light stands. The light stands are tripod stands. The legs fold out into a 3 legged stand for use, and in for transport. The stands are made of light weight aluminum so they're easy to transport and carry in your hands.  Height is adjustable from min 5 ft 4 inches to max 10 ft. Diameter of each tube in the tubular construction is 1 1/2 inches.
A truss attaches to the top of each stand. Each truss holds 4 light canisters. Width of truss is 4 ft fixed. The truss is also constructed of the same light weight aluminum and therefore is easy for one man to lift and set atop the light stand with light canisters attached.

Light canisters
8 light canisters with bulbs included. Each light canister contains one light bulb. Each canister is size 6 inches x 6 inches x 7 inches. Color black. Par38BL accepts 150 watt lamp 120 volt AC 60Hz.

2 cases. Each case contains 1 truss of 4 lights.
Each case is made of lightweight flexible plastic and size 4 1/2 ft long x 16 inches tall x 12 inches wide. Color grey with black trim. Each case has a handle on both ends for 2 person carrying.
I installed foam padding in each case to protect the lights during transport and storage. Setup and breakdown of this lighting system is easier because it allows you to leave the light canisters attached to the top truss at all times. You never have to remove the lights from the truss. When you set up for a gig just move the entire truss from the case to light stand. When breaking down after the gig remove the truss from the light stand with the lights still attached and place it back in the case. Inside the case, the truss rests across the top of the soft cushion foam and the light canisters hang without touching any surface. That way, during transport of the lights in a vehicle the lights are protected from harmful bumps and vibrations.

Power Cables
8 electric power cables. Each cable provides electricity for one light. Each cable is 50 ft long, and heavy duty with 3 prong male plug and 3 part female end.

Catonsville Maryland, 21228

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