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Saturday, September 29, 2012 


Chappies Diner, Bar And Grill

What a great live music venue this has become. Great hospitality offering a full menu, tasty appetizers and drink specials. Join us as we rock out with lots of new songs at every show & never a cover!

No Cover Charge


DeClassified is a group of professional musicians with years of experience in all types of venues, large and small. Their popularity among the local clubs has rapidly grown not only because of their musical talent, but also because of their on-stage antics and interactivity with the crowd. DeClassified often has many different guest musicians perform with them and even allow people in the audience to join. Always expect a great time when they take the stage!!!

Style: Rock (Classic & Modern)

Members: Allen Hendrickson <<< Guitar/Vocals >>> Along with Dick Mazza, Allen is one of the founding members of Declassified. Whether playing lead guitar or rhythm, Al is comfortable in either role, knowing when to step back and let his fellow guitarist shine…and knowing when to crank it up. Starting from 1975 with a solid grounding in jazz, he has played lead and rhythm guitar in other genres of music including classic rock, heavy metal, country and alternative with such bands as Head First, Spellbound, Cyborg and Trick Monkey, as well as a stint at bass with What Day Is It. Prior to joining Dick in Declassified, Al wrote, recorded and produced 5 CD’s of original compositions with Maw Decker. Though not a commercial success, this gave him valuable studio and arrangement experience and helped develop his own unique approach to guitar. ______________________________________________________ Rob Olds <<< Male Lead Vocals >>> Rob has been fronting bands for some 30 yrs. His start came when his sister suggested he had a good voice and to try out for a band. He did and sang for a band called Hot Shot. He later started his own band called Dagger covering 80's hair bands and playing venues like Hammerjacks, Network, and CBGB’s in New York. Not long afterwards he formed a band in which originals became his passion called Highbridge and toured the East Coast sharing the stage with bands like Dio, Poison, Pat Travers and other main stream hard rock bands. As a lyricist Rob helped arrange an 8 song cd and earned an independent record deal with Starlight Records traveling to Los Angeles and New York promoting the cd. After many years of playing out Rob took a break from the music world but in a few years had to come back to what he loved. His baritone/tenor melodic voice fits in well with the classic and modern rock genres and now is happy entertaining people in clubs throughout Maryland. ____________________________________________________________________________ Roger Gumbs <<< Bass/Vocals>>> Yes he is back. Many of our earlier fans will remember Roger. He was our first bass player back in 2009 when we first started gigging. Roger was a big factor to our early success and will continue to be a big part of our future.  He left the band in June of 2010 to pursue playing original music for a Baltimore based punk band, The Snallygasters, but returned to DeClassified after learning that our current bassist was leaving due to new job responsibilities that meant increased out of state travel. Roger was as excited as we were that he had an interest to return to DeClassified, plus he can again exchange horrifically bad jokes with Allen. In addition to DeClassified and Snallygasters, Roger also played in the modern rock band Nth Degree and the 80's metal band Rust. ____________________________________________________________________________ Patrick McKinney <<< Vocals & Guitar >>> A rhythm guitarist and vocalist rooted in Classic and Modern Rock music for over 30 years.   Prior to unanimously being asked to rejoin DeClassified, Patrick had performed in the bands Poor Mary, HalfShell, Project-X, Sum-Bich, Love Lucy and Redline. Comfortable banging on an acoustic as well as the electric guitar, he brings solid rhythms, lead and harmony vocals to the band. His HUMOROUS personality and on stage antics keeps the crowd engaged during the entire show. When our need arose for another guitarist/vocalist, we were pleased Patrick was available and willing to rejoin DeClassified. ____________________________________________________________________________ John Buckley - <<< Drums/Vocals >>> DeClassified auditioned John in February 2012 and offered him the open position on the spot. We liked what we heard on drums and his vocals and didn't want to lose him to another band. John has been playing drums on and off for 25 years and has played in bands such as Gram Positive, Strait Shooter, and most recently, Runnin With Scizors. He enjoys playing classic rock and modern rock. His influences are John Bonham, Bill Ward, and Neil Peirt. John says when the crowd is having a good time that is what makes all of the hard work worthwhile. John would like to thank all his past band mates for their support and friendship, and all the friends who over the years have come out to watch him display his talent. ____________________________________________________________________________ Dick Mazza <<< Mgr/Sound/Dums >>> Dick started the band from scratch via the "Classified" section of Craigslists and thus the name "DeClassified". He is the guy responsible for managing all aspects of the band including recruiting, auditioning, directing and sound. A student of the famous Grant Menefee School of Drumming and original drummer for DeClassified, he now only occassionally sits in on drums and concentrates more on managing, promoting and booking. Dick also designed and maintains the bands website and all other media tools such as MD Party, Reverbnation and Facebook. As a drummer, manager, promoter or sound reinforcement person, Dick has been involved with local bands for more years than he cares to admit to and his years of showmanship knowledge has a lot to do with the success of DeClassifed.


How to Book: Dick Mazza 410-744-9254 Email contact:

Chappies Diner, Bar And Grill
3648 Washington Blvd.  Baltimore  MD  21227  410-242-1559

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