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The Conowingnuts, a highly efficient drinking club with a rock and roll problem. Sober, the Nuts sound like an 8-track player in a 66 Mustang flying across a railroad bed. Properly primed, their sound coagulates into a gelatinous mass of mellifluous vocals and awesome guitar and drum artistry. The Conowingnuts concentrate on crowd pleasing party songs and original music as they include musicians and non musicians to join in, sing along, play an instrument or bang a tambourine . Their first CD, "Conowingnuts and Friends, Rock the River" was released on June 21, 2013.  CD2 is in production.

They spend most of their time playing along the banks of the mighty Susquehanna River. On any given summer weekend, they can be found out at the Red Hog discussing their new found fame.  Saturday nights, it’s either the Hilltop Bar & Grill, Dirty Dave’s on Muddy Creek (aka Muddy Creek Studio), or jamming the night away at a private party along the river. The Conowingnuts could be available for your next gathering....

The Wingnuts along with our fan base of "Wingheads",  are creating an energizing, party the night away, let's get this river rockin' movement for this four piece band and guest performers on Conowingo Lake.



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