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DJ Marcus of ProSound Karaoke

DJ Marcus- Sound like you are really singing with the band, Come & find your Ultimate singing experience!!!!


DJ Marcus brings the Ultimate Singing experience with spectacular sound, to every venue he plays. Sound like you're fronting the band!! Every Venue provides it's own unique aspect but the system makes the YOU sound fantastic. Bring it on, sing it, I'm just having fun, come have fun with me!

This is The Big Karaoke Show!! Everyone has their "song in the spotlight".  Different from the "old Karaoke bar". We blend the entire night moving with each singers choice of music, the whole night flows from singer to singer. (no dead air) Truly a unique show- come see for yourself. We use nothing but state of the art equipment; QSC, Mackie, JBL, Crown, 5 wireless Mics, Shure Mics, one of the best,,,,THE BEST sounding system in the area.  If you want to sound like you are singing with the band-THIS IS IT!!  2 Computers, complete light show.  Music added regularly. 100K songs currently.  If I don't have your song, I can get it- just ask. See me on  Facebook.com/prosoundkaraoke- Pics, Show info & more.  smiley

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